How I Got Started

Retroriginal is rooted in my appreciation of things from yesteryear.  In 1956 my grandfather (Nonno) was summoned to the US from Rome, Italy to design and craft clothing for the rich and famous. My mother continued his legacy styling for elites around the globe. One may say that my affinity for vintage style and design is in my genes (pun intended). 

Their passion for fashion is part of my lifeblood and the reason I became the tastemaker I now am. But I learned early that fashion often came with a hefty a price tag, one that I could not afford. I quickly learned that working at the local mall part-time wasn't going provide the means necessary to satisfy my craving for the finer things.  Scratching my head, "What to do?"  Like many teens, I resorted to buying, selling and trading sneakers for cash.

I would ride my bicycle to every thrift shop my legs could peddle to searching for an elusive footwear treasure. Yes, I found some sneakers, but I quickly discovered so much more! With time and patience on my side, I became a master at the art of thrifting.  Seven years and a drivers license later, I am able share my collection with other vintage enthusiasts.

The guiding principles of my Nonno's business were quality and service.  Going the extra mile was never a chore but a pleasure; Retroriginal follows his lead. Exceptional quality merchandise, extraordinary service and tremendous value have become my hallmark. From one tastemaker to another, I thank you for supporting Retroriginal and allowing me to fulfill my dream.

Happy Shopping,

Lucas E. Hill