Find The Perfect Fit

 Sizing information commonly varies amongst items that are from different time periods, brands, owners. With that being said, it is best to understand how sizing measurements work and what yours are to be sure the items you purchase fit as intended.

The two most common measurements taken are the pit to pit measurement and top to bottom measurement.

When taking a pit to pit measurement, you measure from one arm pit, across the chest to the other arm pit. This is referred to as your "pit to pit" or width measurement.

When taking a top to bottom measurement, you measure from the top of the shirt, directly to the left or right of the collar, straight down to the bottom hem of the shirt. This is referred to as your "top to bottom" or your length measurement.

Now that you know how to take proper measurements, take one of your favorite fitting shirts at home and measure as instructed to find out what the perfect fit is for you!